Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Can Roll!

On Friday, January 28th, Savannah Kate rolled over for the first time!  I had her laying in the floor on her stomach under an activity gym and she kept rolling over on to her side, but her arm would get stuck under her body.  This activity gym is her absolute favorite thing right now so I think she was pretty determined to get on her back so she could see the toys.  Mimi and Pawpaw had come to visit and we were all watching her and talking about how it seemed as if she was trying to roll over.  Before we knew it she had figured out how to move her arm out of the way and rolled over onto her back!  It was so funny because it really seemed to surprise her and she immediately started laughing.  I hurried and grabbed my phone and captured the third roll on video.  I think she will enjoy tummy time a little more now that she knows how to get back over to her back :)  When she's on her back she can get get half way over, but not a full roll yet.  It almost looks like she's doing side abdominal crunches.  She really seemed to be working on this yesterday so I'm sure it won't be long...

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