Monday, January 24, 2011

First Christmas

This post is way overdue, I'm desperatly trying to catch up on my blog.  It's so easy to get behind since Savannah Kate seems to keep me pretty busy.  Our first Christmas together was so fun.  I was more excited about opening her gifts then my own and loved getting her dressed in different Christmas outfits.  We spent Christmas day at my parent's house and then headed to Tenneessee for a few days.  I have lots of pictures - I just couldn't resist.  We talked about how crazy it is that this time next year she will be running around and opening her gifts by herself!  I can't wait! 

Mimi introducing Savannah Kate to Alvin

 Leaving for our Christmas road trip

 She just couldn't stay awake

 New toys!

 Her favorite thing about this shirt was that she could chew on the red bow

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