Monday, November 19, 2012

SK's 2nd Birthday Party

Savannah Kate's 2nd birthday party was such a fun day!  Her party had a sunflower/fall theme.  We had plans of having this party at the park, but a cold front came through and we moved it to our house.  SK wore an adorable sunflower outfit and had so much fun playing with her friends.  She loved it when everybody sang Happy Birthday and started clapping.  She got several really fun gifts (a kitchen, dress up clothes, a vacuum, the Cinderella movie to name a few) but if I had to pick I would say her favorite gift was the Pablo doll :) She truly never gets tired of Pablo! 

What a blessing!  A big thanks to our family (who had to drive a long way) and our friends who made us feel so loved.  Thank you so much for all your support during these last two years!

Sunflower cake pops and cupcakes
SK with Pawpaw and Mimi
With Aunt Sally, Caden, Charlie and Channing
SK with Poppa and Somma