Sunday, January 22, 2012

15 Months

Weight: 19 pounds 4 ounces (5th percentile)
Height: 29 1/2 inches (20th percentile)
Diapers: Size 4
Clothes: 9-12 months
Sleep: 11-12 hours at night with 2 naps during the day
Current loves: Pulling out every single kleenex from the box then putting them all back in, she's obsessed with her toothbrush and being chased around the ottoman in the living room by Daddy or by Belle
Dislikes: Only reading 2 books before bed - she would rather read about 10, having the toothbrush taken away and wearing socks or shoes

Savannah Kate has taken a few steps this past week, so we know that she is capable of walking, but just not super interested in it just yet.  Fine by me, I know the sooner she is walker, the sooner she will be running!  The first time she took two steps was the day after Christmas.  Luckily, I was watching her and saw the look on her face.  She seemed so confused about what had just happened and quickly dropped down to start crawling again. 

Her other new trick is that she can now clap her hands!  She thinks that clapping is so fun.  Whenever I sing her a song she always starts clapping afterwards - pretty smart!  She is also really good at waving bye-bye and blowing kisses.  Every person we pass in the grocery store or at the park gets blown kisess from Savannah Kate :)

Savannah Kate had her second double ear infection just before we left for Christmas break.  This one was much worse than the first.  If she was awake, she was screaming and wanted to be in my lap.  She would take 6 naps a day and still sleep all night (once we got some medicine).  The worst part is always giving her the medicine, she makes this as difficult as possible and tries to spit it back out.  We were given some numbing drops to put in her ears this time, which seemed to really help with the pain.  It was a week of having a newborn again.  I hated to see her hurt, but I did love having her lay on me like a baby again.
Just love this adorable outfit although she refused to smile
At the train display at Northpark Mall
Kissing daddy
Loving her new rocking chair
Playing with kleenex and doing lots of sleeping while sick with a double ear infection
I had to get the baby swing back out - this has always been great during sickness

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Family Pictures

We had some new family photos taken by Amanda Kate Photography.  She took some beautiful pictures for us that I will cherish forever.  Enjoy!


Christmas Card and Santa

Our Christmas card for 2011 and taking Savannah Kate to see Santa:

When I put SK in Santa's lap she screamed! So the only way I could get her to smile was for me to sit next to him and then hold her as far away from Santa as possible.  It turned out pretty good!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas with Family

Here are some pictures from our Christmas with our families

Playing on the boy's new trampoline - she thought it was hilarious when we would get underneath it and look through
Charlie and SK got matching wagons and wanted to stay in there all day

Pawpaw with the babies
Opening her stocking and gifts from Mimi and Pawpaw
Doesn't Belle look excited?
Loves taking baby doll shopping in her new cart!
Even SK thought this bib was funny
This is a doll cradle that my Pappaw built at least 20 years ago for my cousin Sarah.  She kindly passed it down to SK because she has 2 boys.  I love that she will have this as a way to know her great Pappaw that she didn't get to meet.  Yes, it is a doll cradle, but she thinks it's for her to lay down in :)  She doesn't quite get the concept of playing with her baby dolls yet.  Baby doll was actually laying in the cradle when we gave it to her and she immediately pulled her out and jumped in!
These are not all hers, but she thought it was fun to sit with them
This new wagon from Pomma and Poppa is for pulling toys, but once again she thinks it is for her to be in!  She would sit inside and then cry until somebody would pull her around.  And we thought we had left our ride on toys at home.. She is also sporting her new purse.
Loving her new slide from Pappaw
SK and Pappaw

Christmas at Home

We had a wonderful Christmas with Savannah Kate.  She didn't quite understand the whole idea of opening the gifts, but loved playing with her new toys!  After playing, we cooked a big breakfast and had a really fun morning together.  Then we packed up and headed for Murfreesboro, AR to my Mammaw's house.  We celebrated our Christmas a few days early since we would be spending the next week with our families.  After Murfreesboro, we went to Bryant, then to Dyersburg, TN then finally back to Dallas all in eight days.  That's how we travel!  Next post will have pictures from our trip.

Our Christmas gift was a new car!  I hated to say goodbye to the Acura, but we really needed something with a little more room for all our traveling.  It's amazing how a tiny girl can have so much stuff on our trips.  Plus, when we go to visit family we are usually gone for a week so we always have a lot of stuff in the car.  Our new Yukon made our trip very comfortable!  And we actually fit everything in :)  It's going to take me awhile to get used to how big it is.  See the picture below.

Santa brought lots of fun gifts!
 Loving her new tunnel and zany zoo
I love my new toys, but I really want to play in the tree...
Our new family car - I just love the color!