Monday, February 7, 2011

Ice Storm

This past week was pretty eventful.  We got rain on Monday night that turned into ice on Tuesday morning.  It seemed like all of Dallas pretty much shut down on Tuesday, even the airport was closed due to the ice.  It snowed pretty much all day Tuesday.  I just couldn't believe we were having a snow/ice storm in Dallas - I thought we had left all that behind in Northwest Arkansas.  The weather situation was all over the news everyday because of all of the Super Bowl events going on in town. 

Although I wasn't too surprised about the weather because Wednesday was my birthday and for as long as I can remember we almost always had snow or some kind of winter weather on my birthday.  As a little girl - this was the one day I actually liked going to school so I would be pretty bummed to have to stay at home and miss out on birthday party.  Hunter had plans to take me to a nice restaurant for dinner, but we just decided it wasn't worth getting out on the dangerous roads.  And Savannah Kate didn't seem to be feeling too good so I hated to leave her.  Hunter ordered us some Italian takeout along with some Sprinkles cupcakes and we watched Beauty and the Beast.  Can you believe that Hunter had never seen it before?  Savannah Kate loved all the music and it was really fun to see an old favorite movie again.  Even though we were stuck at home I still had a great birthday and I'm very excited to learn how to use my new sewing machine!  Maybe next ice storm, I can make a quilt.

So the ice storm continued and we ended up being cooped up inside for 5 days!  Good thing we had plenty of food and diapers.  We had more snow on Friday - around 5 to 6 inches.  It finally started to melt on Saturday and Hunter and I got to go have a late birthday celebration.  It was so nice to get out!  Savannah Kate didn't seem to mind staying at home and Belle was excited about the snow, we could hardly get her to come back inside.  Although we were stuck inside all week, we were blessed to never lose our heat and electricity.  I turned 28 (that's getting closer to 30...) and Savannah Kate turned 4 months this week.  Here's a few pictures:

I made her wear this hat all week

Belle wants to play too!

Kisses from Belle

When we finally got outside on Saturday!

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