Sunday, September 30, 2012

23 months

Weight: 23 pounds 2 ounces
Diapers: Size 5
Clothes: 18-24 months
Sleep: 10-11 hours at night and one 2 hour nap during the day
Current loves: wearing mommy's bracelets, getting the stickers off of fruit in the grocery store and loading and unloading the cup of pens we keep in our bedroom
Dislikes: not getting to swing every time we get out of the car, when I "help" her brush her teeth and getting in trouble

At the Dallas Arboretum, we love this place!
How we grocery shop now
Favorite backyard activity
Hugs on Belle all the time now
First day of Mother's Day Out in Savannah Kate's new big girl class.  She eats lunch at this table and takes naps in her new turtle nap mat.  I never thought they could get her to sleep on the floor, but her teacher said she gets so excited when she sees the nap mat that she jumps right in and doesn't try to get up.  She actually sleeps 2 hours at school!
Practicing taking a nap :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Gulf Shores

Last month we packed up and drove 11 1/2 hours to Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We woke Savannah Kate up at 6am and put her in the car still in pjs.  I assumed she would go right back to sleep, wrong!  I told her we were going to the beach and she got really excited - guess I won't be doing that next time.  She actually did fantastic for the long car ride and only stopped playing to take a short 1 hour nap.  We are so lucky she is such a good traveler and loves to watch movies.
Lots of fun things to do in the car!

We met my family there and stayed in a really nice 3 story beach house.  It was right on the beach and had it's own pool.  It was perfect for the kids and we had so much fun.  Savannah Kate loved playing with her cousins and she loved playing on all the stairs.  She is so happy when we stay somewhere with stairs :)  I'm so blessed that we were able to take this trip together with my family.

Our family
Could play in the sand all day!
I think she looks like the Coppertone girl in this picture, minus the dog and pigtails :)
They loved the big sand hole
We saw lots of dolphins on our snorkeling cruise.  SK would point and say "fish!"
Matching outfits with baby Channing
Kissing Charlie