Sunday, October 3, 2010


Savannah Kate is due to arrive tomorrow! We are very excited and can't wait to meet our precious baby girl. With all that we've had going on this year with finding out about moving to Dallas and the pregnancy, it's such a blessing to know that it was all a part of God's plan. I may not always understand that plan, but I'm learning that it's in my best interest to be patient and not ask questions. I've learned so much over the past 9 months and one of those is to count my blessings which is why I chose it for the name of this blog.

Hunter and I have been doing a lot of work on our rent house in Dallas and just last week we were able to finish the nursery. I love the way it turned out and hope that she will love it too :)


  1. Beautiful. So perfectly you!

  2. Katie it is perfect! So beautiful! I can't wait to see your precious girl. Post pictures soon!

  3. Sooooo incredibly gorgeous!!! She will LOVE it!! :) Praying for you!