Sunday, October 17, 2010

Going Home

October 6th, less than 48 hours after meeting our daughter for the first time we were released to go home.  I was excited to bring Savannah Kate home, but nervous that I was no longer under the constant care of the nurses and doctors.  Was I ready for this?  I think this was truly the first time I felt like a parent.

It was really fun to get her dressed in her going home outfit and getting her in the car seat.  We had to do some adjusting to the straps because she was so tiny.  She was now 5 pounds 14 ounces so her cute outfit looked huge :)  Once she was dressed and we started taking several pictures, we all got a little teary eyed.  She was just so perfect and I think Hunter and I both knew that we didn't deserve her. 

We were given another huge blessing when we found out that Savannah Kate passed her hearing test at 100%.  That had been a big concern for me throughout the entire pregnancy so I was extremely relieved to hear the good news.  Praising God for each of these blessings.

 All ready to go

First car ride

 Belle was excited to meet her little sister and licked her right away

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