Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day at School

Today was Savannah Kate's first day at Claire's Christian Day School.  She is going to a mother's day out program one day a week from 9am - 3pm.  It's a school at a church nearby with small classes so I think we're going to be happy there.  I couldn't believe I was packing a lunch box for Savannah Kate this morning!  Yes, it mostly had baby food in it, but it was more fun to pack it in a lunch box.  (I'm really trying to get her to eat more table foods, but she's just not very interested yet.) 

When I dropped SK off in her class she puckered her little lip out for a few seconds, but quickly noticed all the other babies and all the new toys to play with.  I kissed her goodbye and snapped a few pictures.  Honestly, I was a little sad to leave her, but I knew she would be fine. 

I picked her up a little early because I didn't want her to be the last kid to be picked up, although I'm not sure if they even notice that at this age yet.  When Savannah Kate saw me at the door she gave me a big smile as if she was saying hello, and then she turned back around and continued playing.  I couldn't believe it - she didn't even seem to care that I was there to pick her up!  Her teachers said that she did great, even took a long nap.  I had been praying that her first day would go well, so obviously my prayers were answered!  I was so worried, and it turned out that it was harder for me than it was for her.  I'm so lucky and thankful that SK seems to adjust well to her surroundings.  Here's some of the pictures I took today.  You can see why we were 30 minutes late, I couldn't stop taking pictures!

Loving her new lunchbox - even though it's almost as big as she is
On the way!
 Meeting her new friends and toys
 The last photo I snapped as I was leaving - she didn't even watch me leave
This is the first time I've ever seen her fall asleep while eating dinner and sitting up in her highchair.  I think she had fun at school today and is now exhausted!

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