Thursday, February 6, 2014

Disney World!

We started the new year off right and went to Disney World January 7th - 11th.  This was probably the best family trip we've ever been on!  We wanted one last family of three vacation before baby boy arrives.  Savannah Kate was such a fun age to take there because she is completely obsessed with all things Disney princesses.  Several people thought this seemed like a crazy idea with me being 28 weeks pregnant, but it worked out perfectly.  Yes, it was a TON of walking, but I was actually able to ride everything that SK could ride so I didn't miss out on anything.  As much as Savannah Kate enjoyed the rides, her favorite thing to do was to meet the princesses :) SK is already talking about going back to Disney and taking baby boy - maybe in 3 more years..

Day 1: Chef Mickey's and Magic Kingdom
Day 2: Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney
Day 3: Cinderella's Royal Table and Magic Kingdom
(Maybe next time Jesse) 
Day 4: Hollywood Studios

So blessed that we were able to take this trip.  Hopefully, we will be back!

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