Sunday, November 17, 2013

Half Way!!

We are 20 weeks away from meeting our miracle baby boy!  We are so excited, especially SK, who tells everyone we meet that she is having a baby boy :)  At least she doesn't call him sister anymore.

The pregnancy is going very smoothly, which is a huge praise!  Thank you so much for praying.  We are halfway there and are praying for an additional, uneventful 20 weeks.  I see my OB every 4 weeks and the high risk OB every 4 weeks.  So, it works out that I get to either see him or at least hear his heartbeat every 2 weeks.  Plus, he is kicking a lot more now so I'm getting lots of reassurance that he is doing okay in there.

Baby boy doesn't have a name yet, we are working on that.  For some reason, boy names seem to be harder.  I think we just aren't used to anything boyish since SK is so very girly and into all things princess.  It will come, we have some time!

18 week ultrasound. 
It took a very long time before he was still enough for this profile picture!
20 weeks!  And yes, my tree is already up :)

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