Monday, July 2, 2012

Early July 4th Lake Weekend

We went to Lake Norrell to stay with my parents for the weekend.  It's a tradition to go there for the July 4th lake celebration complete with a boat parade and a fireworks show.  Savannah Kate had a great time playing with her cousins and getting to go tubing for the first time!  She wanted to go down the big slide (which was way too big and fast for her, so we let her start from halfway up) and even liked jumping in the lake from the dock.  She loves the water more and more :)  Maybe in a couple years she will be jumping off the top of the dock and doing the zipline! 

Hunter needed his shades like us
 First family tube ride behind the boat
Was much more comfortable getting to stand up in this tube with Daddy.  She did great and kept waving to us in the boat.  She cried a little when the boat pulled away and I got further and further from her.  It was sort of sweet - she did the same thing when I was in the water skiing.  I guess she was worried that they were going to leave me in the water.
She looks so tiny!
SK, Charlie and Caden ready to eat!
SK and Channing

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