Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas with Family

Here are some pictures from our Christmas with our families

Playing on the boy's new trampoline - she thought it was hilarious when we would get underneath it and look through
Charlie and SK got matching wagons and wanted to stay in there all day

Pawpaw with the babies
Opening her stocking and gifts from Mimi and Pawpaw
Doesn't Belle look excited?
Loves taking baby doll shopping in her new cart!
Even SK thought this bib was funny
This is a doll cradle that my Pappaw built at least 20 years ago for my cousin Sarah.  She kindly passed it down to SK because she has 2 boys.  I love that she will have this as a way to know her great Pappaw that she didn't get to meet.  Yes, it is a doll cradle, but she thinks it's for her to lay down in :)  She doesn't quite get the concept of playing with her baby dolls yet.  Baby doll was actually laying in the cradle when we gave it to her and she immediately pulled her out and jumped in!
These are not all hers, but she thought it was fun to sit with them
This new wagon from Pomma and Poppa is for pulling toys, but once again she thinks it is for her to be in!  She would sit inside and then cry until somebody would pull her around.  And we thought we had left our ride on toys at home.. She is also sporting her new purse.
Loving her new slide from Pappaw
SK and Pappaw

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