Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas at Home

We had a wonderful Christmas with Savannah Kate.  She didn't quite understand the whole idea of opening the gifts, but loved playing with her new toys!  After playing, we cooked a big breakfast and had a really fun morning together.  Then we packed up and headed for Murfreesboro, AR to my Mammaw's house.  We celebrated our Christmas a few days early since we would be spending the next week with our families.  After Murfreesboro, we went to Bryant, then to Dyersburg, TN then finally back to Dallas all in eight days.  That's how we travel!  Next post will have pictures from our trip.

Our Christmas gift was a new car!  I hated to say goodbye to the Acura, but we really needed something with a little more room for all our traveling.  It's amazing how a tiny girl can have so much stuff on our trips.  Plus, when we go to visit family we are usually gone for a week so we always have a lot of stuff in the car.  Our new Yukon made our trip very comfortable!  And we actually fit everything in :)  It's going to take me awhile to get used to how big it is.  See the picture below.

Santa brought lots of fun gifts!
 Loving her new tunnel and zany zoo
I love my new toys, but I really want to play in the tree...
Our new family car - I just love the color!

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