Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Halloween 2012

The Backyardigans is Savannah Kate's favorite show by far.  She loves the movies, books, stickers and just about anything about them.  Her favorite character on the show is Pablo, who happens to be a boy. He's blue, so I'm assuming he is a boy, but SK doesn't really know that.  I debated for awhile about what she should be for Halloween and decided that she had to be Pablo.  Yes, everybody thought she was a boy, but it was okay because she was so happy in her Pablo suit! Plus, she gets to wear it all the time now for dress up :)

Fall Fest at church
Petting the baby bunnies
 Fun with great friends
 Trick or treating with Jade and Brooks
 Love how the girls wanted to hold hands
 Atleast her candy bucket was pink!
These three buddies had a fun night together


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