Monday, October 22, 2012

Savannah Kate is 2!

Savannah Kate must have known it was her birthday because she woke up bright and early, ready to play!  We started the day doing her favorite which is watching morning cartoons in our bed.  She loves to cozy up between me and Hunter, get under the covers and watch "toons".  I love these kind of mornings!  We had blueberry muffins for breakfast and she was very excited about the Pablo birthday candle (I should have turned it around for the picture).  After breakfast, Savannah Kate went to Mother's Day Out and took cookies to her class.  Her friends and teachers all sang Happy Birthday to her at lunch.

SK was very surprised when I came to pick her up after school with a Pablo balloon (the Backyardigans) and Mimi was with me!  Mimi brought a Rapunzel dress up outfit with high heels and a wig and she loved it!  Especially the high heels :)  We had dinner at Corner Bakery where they have her favorite mac and cheese, then finished the night at Sprinkles with some cupcakes.  We had a wonderful day celebrating Savannah Kate!  I still can't believe my baby is 2.  I just want to freeze her, I'm loving this age right now! 

Savannah Kate, just a few things about you that I love: how you like to say hi to all the animals when we're out on a walk, the way you kiss me when I drop you off at school, the way you greet Dada when he gets home from work, the way you wave bye bye to me every night before bed, the way you dance when you hear any kind of music and clap whenever a song is over, how you can have full conversations with your baby dolls, how you point to the park when we're outside, the way you laugh when swinging, the way you say "uh oh" and "okay", how excited you get when you first see me in the morning, the way you say hi to Belle everyday and try to give her hugs, the way you like to walk around on your tip toes, all your facial expressions, the way you like to wear our shoes, how much you love Pablo or anything with Pablo on it, how you know how to find Pablo on you tube on my iPhone, the way you eat sandwiches, how you fold your hands when we pray, how you like to wear all my bracelets and take your purse with you everywhere, and the way you say Mama and Dada with such love and enthusiasm in your voice.  I could go on and on.  I love you Little Kate!

Happy Birthday Savannah Kate!  We love you!

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