Thursday, June 21, 2012

20 Months

Weight: 21 pounds
Diapers: Size 4
Clothes: 18 months
Sleep: 12 hours at night and 1 long nap during the day
Current loves: twirling when wearing a dress, doing the splits and dancing to music
Dislikes: going to bed while it's still light outside, staying in the cart at the grocery store and eating breakfast
Going for a bike ride
SK and Anna at the Arboretum
She's all girl!
Thanks to Brooks for letting us live at his house for 5 days while our AC was out.  These two learned a lot about sharing!
Ready for a walk
SK and Jade having fun before swim class
Swim class lasted 2 weeks and Savannah Kate did not like it much this year.  I couldn't believe it because she loved it so much last year.  She finally started to like it towards the end of the second week, good thing we didn't give up!

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