Tuesday, May 15, 2012

19 Months

Weight: 20 pounds 8 ounces
Height: 30 1/4 inches
Diapers: Size 4
Clothes: 18 months
Sleep: 12 hours at night and 1 nap during the day
Current loves:  saying "mine" (everything around here is mine!), saying Momma if she needs anything even if it's not to me and throwing things
Dislikes: staying in the stroller, getting things taken away from her and not getting her way

SK's weight went down slightly this past month.  Probably due to a bad stomach virus one week followed by an ear infection the next week along with two weekends of traveling.  She is still such a happy girl and loves to say hi and bye to everyone we come across.  She loves to fold her hands while we are praying together and claps when we say "Let's go Rangers!".  Savannah Kate knows how to put her toys up, get her shoes out of the drawer, throw trash away, wash her hands and put laundry in the washer.  She's such a good little helper.  Hopefully she doesn't grow out of being my little helper anytime soon :)

Savannah Kate made the big screen at this Ranger's game!
With daddy after his alumni baseball game
Playing dress up
Hugging Belle
Daddy's shoes
Not sure about this

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