Monday, February 13, 2012


Last week as I was reading Jesus Calling, I was thinking to myself "It would be nice if this book had a bookmark".  Since it is a daily reading a bookmark is a must have!  Plus, I just really like bookmarks.  They make me feel like I'm organized - although I'm so far from having anything else in my life organized these days.

I start fumbling through the book and much to my surprise I find an attached bookmark!  It had been folded up towards the back of the book so it took some searching to find it.  I pull it open to the marked page the folded bookmark was on and I suddenly froze when I saw this...

August.  Of all the places this bookmark could have been, it was marked on August.  Why was it marked here?  It wasn't the halfway point of the book.  I knew my friend didn't mark it there on purpose because I hadn't told anyone yet about naming the baby.

What I love about this book is that each day is written as if Jesus was speaking directly to us.  He gives me words of encouragement, comfort and hope all from the scriptures.  On this day, He was definitely speaking to me.  It was no coincidence that the bookmark was marked on this page.  Jesus was calling to me, telling me that August was safe in His arms and reminding me to believe in Him.  To trust in Him.  And for the first time in a what seems like forever, I smiled. 

I knew that August wanted me to be okay.  Jesus does speak to us, even when we are hurting - we just have to listen.  Step away from the pain and listen.

Thank you Lord for speaking to me.  Help me to be aware of the ways you are calling me.

Jeremiah 33:3

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