Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vacation Part II: Vero Beach

After leaving SeaWorld on Wednesday night we drove to Vero Beach, FL which was about 2 hours south of Orlando on the east coast.  We spent all day Thursday out on the beach.  Savannah Kate did awesome.  She took her bottles, took naps in her little tent and played in the sand.  She of course tried to eat the sand a time or two and made an awful face afterwards.  She didn't care much for the ocean, I think the waves were a little too scary for this age.  We only dipped her toes in a little.  Here's just a handful of our pictures - we made so many fun memories!

We spent most of Friday at the pool so that we could get her in the water.  It was too hot unless you were in the water so we were there for awhile. 
Laying out by the pool

The wedding was on Saturday and it was beautiful.  I didn't get any pictures because my hands were full with Savannah Kate trying to keep her quiet.  She did great as always and I actually got to see most of the wedding.  At the reception, Savannah Kate was passed around to several different people.  Everybody wanted to hold her and play with her.  Luckily, she is great with strangers and had a blast getting to see so many different people.

Hunter and Brian
First family beach photo!
She loved the sound of the waves
Sad to leave, but looking forward to years of more family vacations together!

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