Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

For Mother's Day weekend, Hunter and I went to see Jerry Seinfeld on Friday night in downtown Dallas.  It was so fun and Jerry was hilarious!  We also hired a babysitter for the first time and she did great with Savannah Kate.  Saturday, we spent a family day together and watched the Kentucky Derby.  This is a big event in our house so it was fun to introduce this tradition to Savannah Kate.  Of course, she had to wear a big hat!

On Sunday, we drove to my Mammaw's house in Murfreesboro, Arkansas to have lunch with my family.  Mammaw is 84 years old and she says that Savannah Kate is the best baby she has ever seen.  That's coming from someone with a lot of experience!  Here is a picture of the three of us together on Mother's Day.

We had a Mother's Day dinner at my sister's new house.  It was fun to get all the kids together.  Savannah Kate and Charlie enjoyed rolling around and looking at each other and trying to chew on each other's pacifiers.  That night, Savannah Kate held her bottle all by herself - such a big girl!


Hunter had to go to Bentonville for a meeting on Monday so I stayed with my parents for a few days.  Savannah Kate enjoyed getting in the swing for the first time.  It was still pretty big for her, but she loved it!  Now I need to get one for our house.

One night Savannah Kate was fussy so Dad started playing the harmonica.  She just starred at him in awe of the music.  It was so cute.  She loved it so much so he just kept playing until she drifted off to sleep.  I guess I need to get a harmonica for those fussy nights!

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